Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Restaurant - This Japanese Fusion One! Kiraku!!

Anyone can become a blogger and write about anything. Not me, no, definitely not me. I will not follow what the others are doing because I do my own thang. I always do my own thang.

Therefore I will start this brand new blog with my own promise of the future, might not be much, but it shall be called, "THE EMPTY PLATES!"

I will decide how tasty the food is from a certain restaurant based on how empty the plate gets.

As of last night, my brother and sister in arms brought me to the first establishment that obtained the honor to challenge me with their food. Their name, Kiraku of Berkeley, http://www.kirakuberkeley.com/

And I, The Hungry Plate Empty-er, remembered to document it, somehow.

The first dish, Rock Shrimp Tempura, that looks exactly like pineapple shrimp balls from Chinese restaurants. However, it tastes nothing like them Chinese pineapple shrimp balls because the Rock Shrimp Tempura didn't have pineapples in it, it had Rock Shrimp in it, and it was tasty. It was so tasty, that I forgot to take pictures. Sadly, the awesome idea of this all-natural, completely-original blog idea didn't hit me until the third dish.

The second dish ordered was the fresh roll. It was mediocre, but in Asian standards, mediocre is FAILURE and DISAPPOINTMENT! Asians don't start with A for no reason, the A is a grade, not a letter.

 We only finished it because we were hungry
and possibly also because this restaurant is
kinda expensive.

I wasn't the one that ordered the food, so I can't tell you what the names of each dishes are exactly, but I could tell you what the name might be from my keen observations.

The third dish was "Broccoli That Was Probably Saute With Garlic on a Hot, Sizzling Cast Iron Frying Pan." Popular among my fellow brothers and sister, and I would say...the plate was EMPTIED! Yea, I should figure out a pose for this tag line.

The aftermath. If it didn't want to get eaten, it 
shouldn't have been so tasty.

What came next was the star of the night, "French Style Liver From Force Fed Duck on Top of Japanese Over Sized Carrot That Happened to be White." It's Foie-Gras, so by default it's good. I could go into detail about how the liver's heavy and the daikon's subtle flavor balances it out, but it would sound really pretentious. What more can I say other than EMPTIED!

Decided to take a picture while there are still food in there
because that liver's gonna be banned in California starting June.
Enjoy the sight of it before it's gone forever... in the state.

Then came the "Kimchi With Pork." Tastes just like kimchi with pork. Tasty level: EMPTIED!

Somehow I have this feeling that I need to
find some way to improve the way I blog here.

The last thing that came to our table was the "Fried Thing with Corn." Either that or it's some kind of tempura. Either way, it has corn in it. I like corn, so do most people, so this dish was also EMPTIED!

This voice inside my head is getting stronger...
Telling me to include a before-n-after feature
to this blog...

We had a total of six dishes and one was not good enough. The waitresses were pleasant, to the eye, and their attitude. I came to a conclusion that if anyone asks me if Kiraku's any good, I'd reply, "Psh, heck yea, but don't get the fresh roll, you'll probably enjoy something else on the menu a lot more." Maybe the roll would be better if they add butter and deep fry it, the American way always triumphs, AMERICA!


  1. You should have some sort of summary thing that is quick to read. It could include ratings like: Service, portion size, food quality, price, etc. That way you could make sum sort of portable measurement across all of your reviews.

    1. Good point, I was originally just making funny, but might as well make it good.

  2. I get the point of funny dude! Yes I would wanna see you make it good! Make us proud dude! if you become a food critic on any newspaper...just to think all the place you can eat without paying...oh yeah~~